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SuperKids is a structured sports program for girls and boys, aged 3 to 12. It is designed to expose children to different sports and help them choose whichever sport(s) they desire to pursue in the future. At SuperKids children learn, have fun and begin to formulate their passion for sports.

SuperKids aims to:

1. Develop basic sports skills and improve the fitness level of each child who participates in a SuperKids program.

2. Teach children social and personal skills through sports.

3. Recognize & develop talent by providing each child with individual and personal attention.

Each day of the program, kids will learn sports skill such as balance, agility, speed, co-ordination, flexibility, endurance & strength, and apply them in various sports by taking part in a unique set of games & drills. Our purpose is also to teach life-skills such as self confidence, mutual respect, teamwork & building character through sports.

Our instructors are trained to maximize the multi-sport experience in a fun and safe environment. Under the guidance of our sports instructors, children will not only learn individual, sport-oriented skills, but also develop personally and socially.

At present our program is a multi-sport program, where children sample sports such as Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Martial Arts, Track & Field and Softball. In the future we intend to introduce Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball and Golf.



Monday, 05 November 2012

After school program starts November 1, 2012. REGISTER NOW!


"Thank you for your invaluable contribution to The Indus Academy. The parents have given a positive feedback and the kids love you."
Mahnaz Jooma (Partner), Tayyaba Siddiqui (Partner) & Pareezad Talati (Head of Administration)
Indus Academy

"Successfully improving a child's basic sports skills at an early age is a fantastic concept pioneered by Reza at Superkids, as a parent I am totally committed to getting both my children, age 7 and 4, fully engaged in every Superkids summer school program and the results are showing .."
Ali Latafat Khan
CEO, United Registrar of Systems Limited

"Faiz aged 5 years and Babar aged 4 years attended the SuperKids summer program in July 2011. They both enjoyed the program tremendously and had fun while learning to play new games geared to increase their hand – eye coordination skills. Children were encouraged to participate in races and to enjoy rather fear any competition from them.


What makes this program special is the attention to detail and the sincere efforts made by Reza Mirza to cater to individual needs of each child. It is impressive that he has assembled a team of both male and female staff with athletic and sports experience themselves, some whom have been participants in Sind provincial championships.


The environment is friendly and the constant presence of Reza in his efforts to oversee the daily program creates an environment which is both safe and professional. In addition, the location of the training grounds are ideal for this purpose and the privacy provided is an additional benefit.


Overall, the SuperKids program was a fun, active, physical learning experience for children. This is something which is particularly important in the current environment of Karachi where children tend to stay indoors and their physical activity levels tend to be lower than those recommended for their age groups. This is a program I would recommend to others."
Zahra Hasan
Associate Professor, The Aga Khan University, Karachi

"I find that SuperKids is a brilliant platform for kids of all ages to practice their physical abilities and explore untapped athletic talents . The trainers have shown my daughter to perceive exercise as a fun and an important daily ritual. She just can not wait for her next round of camp!!!"
Adeela Khan

"My kids had a wonderful experience at SuperKids summer camp. Its a well organized program with experienced and professional trainers. Would certainly have my kids participate in it again!"
Nadeem Elahi
The Resource Group

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